TPMS systems

Some states and certain automobiles and/or automobile manufacturers may require TPMS systems. You are advised to make this determination before making your purchase. Auto Addictions is not responsible for wheels and tires sold without TPMS systems.

TPMS do not come with wheel and tire packages unless ordered specifically. Please call our sales team for information on purchasing TPMS systems, or information on how to use your factory TPMS.

After purchasing TPMS sensors for your vehicle from Auto Addictions, you may be required to have them reset, depending on the vehicle. Auto Addictions is not responsible for any charges due to resetting TPMS.

Auto Addictions is not liable if you have to reprogram sensors. They work 90% of the time but there is a 10% chance they won't work.

  1. ALL vehicle make/model/years MUST 100% be "Relearned" when sold brand new sensors for them. Relearns in ALL vehicles would indeed include ALL USA domestic cars, ALL "European" made cars, AND ALL "Asian" made cars (Japan/Korea).
  2. Relearns have NOTHING to do with the brand NOR the type of sensor being sold by Auto Addictions.  This literally means that if Auto Addictions buys sensors from the actual original factory auto dealership of every vehicle being sold sensors to, that OEM Factory sensor WOULD also 100%- NO questions asked - NEED to undergo a relearn as well.
  3. Relearn PROCEDURES for vehicles ALSO have NOTHING  do with the brand NOR the type of sensor being sold by Auto Addictions. This also means that whether the TPMS sensor(s) is a PILOT sensor OR a sensor from the factory Auto dealership or OROTEK or ITM or from NAPA/Carquest, etc ... etc... etc... the relearn procedure done on that make/model/year is EXACTLY the same. The relearn procedure/process is 100% dependant on what the factory specification for that specific make/model/year requires and can be found in every owner's manual of every single vehicle OR with a simple "GOOGLE" search
  4. Most Sensors need to be taken to a nearby "brand name tire shop" to get RELEARNED to their vehicle, as this is a TPMS industry protocol.
  5. VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: IF the vehicle is of an Asian make (Japan or Korea) please be advised when they set up an appointment for a relearn on their Asian car to MAKE SURE that brand name tire shop carries an OBD2 Relearn scan tool that can manually relearn their Asian make vehicle. For the most part ONLY the Asian makes require that type of tool in order to be relearned and that goes for ANYWHERE you buy the TPMS sensor from...the brand of sensor again DOES NOT matter.

***Asian makes that require an OBD2 relearn include models of ALL of the following:

Nissan & Infiniti
Toyota & Lexus & Scion
Honda & Acura

Wheel installation kits sold byAuto Addictions

Auto Addictions makes all efforts to select lug-nuts and/or lug-bolts that are proper to install aftermarket wheels on vehicles that maintain its original specs as to the wheel assembly; however customer is required to inspect these parts carefully for proper size and type. In doubt, please check with a professional wheel installation shop or consult your vehicle dealership. Auto Addictions accepts no responsibility for wrong or unsuitable parts (lug-nuts, wheel locks, lug-bolts, bolt locks, wheels and tires) shipped to customers. In case you need to return or replace incorrect parts received, please contact us for detailed instructions.

International orders

We cannot guarantee fitment on any international orders due to the fact that we only have specs on vehicles sold in the USA. All sales are final.

Orders cancelled by Auto Addictions

Auto Addictions reserves the right to cancel an order due to a pricing mistake or a product discontinued by the manufacturer.


Tire patterns and speed ratings may vary depending on size of tire.

Scratches on the back of wheels due to our inspections

Auto Addictions goes through great lengths to make sure you receive your wheel and tire package in perfect condition. Our main priority is to protect the face of the wheel, the part of the wheel that everyone sees. Because quality checks are done with florescent lights we must lay the wheel on its backside and sometimes there are chances that there might be scratching on the back of the wheel. It is perfectly fine and will not impact the durability of the wheel, plus no one will ever see it because once the wheels are on the car it is impossible to see the inside of the back wheel. If you have any questions please contact customer service. Once again, we do everything possible to make sure we keep the face of your wheels in perfect condition.